Experiments - Open Calls

MIDIH Open Calls target the development of data driven applications, by IT SMEs as technology providers, and experiments in CPS/IoT by Manufacturing SMEs. Open Calls select new cross-border experiments to be executed and validated in real (additionally to the Lighthouse cases) or realistic (the Teaching Factories) industrial facilities.

Two Open Calls have been launched and 32 experiments have been selected. The selected experimenters have been chosen based on the ability to show relevant innovations, impact and exploitation potential on CPS/IoT applications.

In this section you will find more detailed information on the experiments executed in each Open Call.

Open Call 1 Experiments

The summary of submitted and selected proposals for the Open Call 1, divided by Technological topics, which address technologies around the MIDIH architecture, and Experimentation topics, is available in this report.

Detailed information for each experiment can be found here.