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Multi-tenant Active Deep Monitoring Platform for AVN Trust Management and Optimization


Experiment description

The deployed MIDAS solution consists of a continuous network monitoring tool designed for a shopfloor environment that will allow to autodetect risks and abnormal situations, based on manually tagged and categorized events and traffic patterns, and initiate some mitigation or resolution actions. The solution uses some of the MIDIH components combined with newly developed modules, and has been tested in a demonstration environment.

Technical impact

MIDAS has combined existing technologies that are present in MIDIH architecture (in red in the figure below) with new Open Source technologies (in green in the figure) to create the new active monitoring platform.

The objective of this experiment is to develop and test the tools needed to monitor and control the connections and data flows around a specific connector or component. This will be done by improving the network monitoring software called Redborder, owned by Eneo Technologies. Two main components have been developed:

  • the MIDIH Dashboard which will show the results of the data analysis, allowing to improve the security of the network and detecting abnormal traffic flows and/or illegal connections.
  • The component that allow to capture and analyse the network traffic and feed the dashboard

Economical / Business impact

The solution developed in this project will have a very interesting business perspective, as security is one of the major concerns of industries to deploy Smart solutions for Industry 4.0. The active collaboration between ENEO and the International Data Spaces Association to make the solution deployed compatible with the IDS Reference Architecture will allow Redborder to provide security services to those companies that use the IDS connector.



Cristina de la Maza
Mairena del Aljerafe, Seville