Experiments - Lighthouses

Three Lighthouse experiments have been identified in MIDIH: an Automotive Industrial case in Italy, a Cutting Tools Industrial case in Spain and a Collaborative Manufacturing and Logistics Industrial case in Germany.

Experiments in Automotive Sector


Experiments in Cutting Tools Sector


Experiments in Steel Sector

IDS ThyssenKrupps

The Automotive Lighthouse experiment is implementing innovative solutions for cross-plant and cross-border predictive maintenance (Smart Factory scenario) and continuous monitoring of components supply (Smart Supply Chain scenario), by leveraging on the experimentation conducted in FCA plants located in Southern Italy.

The Cutting Tools Lighthouse experiment is extending traditional CPS/IOT Industry 4.0 production cases to the whole lifecycle of the cutting/drilling tools.

The Steel Production Logistic Supply Chain Lighthouse Experiment is extending the CPS/IOT innovations well beyond the manufacturing plant, by involving stakeholders engaged in the inbound and outbound logistic chain (IDS-ThyssenKrupp), by demonstrating the value chain challenges derived by cross-border flows of data.