MIDIH "Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs", is a "one stop shop" of services, providing industry with access to the most advanced digital solutions, the most advanced industrial experiments, pools of human and industrial competencies and access to "ICT for Manufacturing" market and financial opportunities.

MIDIHs leverage on networks of local Competence Centres, each specialised in peculiar aspects of the CPPS/IIOT (Cyber Physical Production System / Industrial Internet of Things) technologies and able to attract, mentor and nurture local Manufacturing SMEs towards Industry 4.0 projects, experiments and business. A common platform of knowledge, methods and collaboration tools is shared among the MIDIHs network and allow cross-border fertilisation, continuous improvement, open innovation.

The MIDIH vision

By 2023, Europe will set the reference for the Industry 4.0 market: European CPS/IOT Open Digital Platforms providers will be able to flexibly and dynamically connect the Real World with digital Enterprise Systems through common open standards; European ICT SMEs will be growing fast through leadership in data-driven smart Industry 4.0 services; European Manufacturing SMEs will successfully compete globally with innovative products and services, digitised Industry 4.0 processes and innovative business models, involving their workforce at all levels in this Digital Transformation innovations.

The MIDIH DIH mission

The MIDIH project aims at realizing services to support the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

Technological services

interactive try-on demos, webinars, challenges, hackathons and awards

will be driven by young and dynamic ICT talents virtually meeting older and experienced manufacturing engineers in a one-stop-shop global marketplace

Business services

ideas incubation, business acceleration, demand-offer matchmaking and brokerage, access to finance

will support SMEs, startups, web entrepreneurs as well as corporates in the delivery of innovative products and services, in accessing new markets, in fund-raising

Skills building services

serious and role games, participative lessons and webinars, virtual experiments in physical teaching factories, professional courses for existing technicians as well as for executives

will not only help SMEs and corporates understand the new technologies, but also take full advantage of them, providing an operational framework that will stimulate trust, confidence and investments

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