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The MIDIH "Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs" project aims at realizing services to support the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs.

MIDIH aims at implementing the fast, dynamic, borderless, disruptive side of the I4MS innovation coin focusing on technological services, business services, skills building services.

MIDIH is a "one stop shop" of services, providing industry with access to the most advanced digital solutions and the most advanced industrial experiments.

MIDIH will also supply pools of human and industrial competencies, and access to "ICT for Manufacturing" market and financial opportunities.

Technological services will be driven by young and dynamic ICT talents virtually meeting older and experienced manufacturing engineers in a one-stop-shop global marketplace.

Business services will support SMEs, startups, web entrepreneurs as well as corporates in the delivery of innovative products and services, in accessing new markets, in fund-raising.

Skills building services will not only help SMEs and corporates understand the new technologies, but also provide an operational framework that will stimulate trust, confidence and investments.


A two-iteration Open Call will help achieve a critical mass of cross-border experiments.

DIH Network

MIDIH will create a Network of Manufacturing Digital Innovation Hubs in the area of IoT/CPS.

The current network consists of 3 Pan European Digital Innovation Hubs, 2 Regional Digital Innovation Hubs, 9 Competence Centre and 2 Teaching Factories.


  • 12-06-2019

    Cefriel and IDSA at inauguration of Italian IDS hub – Milan 12 June 2019

    Cefriel in collaboration with IDSA, two MIDIH partners, will inaugurate the IDS hub in Italy.

    Digitalization creates business opportunities every day. Data is the strategic resource to drive new business possibilities and the success of companies on complex markets.


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  • 04-06-2019

    MIDIH at “Driving the Digital Transformation of manufacturing”, Milan - 19 June 2019

    MIDIH will be present at the Digital Industry Networking Event held in Milan at the EIT Digital satellite on 19 June 2019, providing its view on the drivers of the Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.

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