General Information about the Open Calls

Open Calls in MIDIH – Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs – aim at complementing functionalities around MIDIH reference architecture and performing experiments in CPS/IOT based on the components provided by the architecture. Open Calls will select new cross-border experiments to be executed and validated in real (additionally to the Lighthouse cases) or realistic (the Teaching Factories) industrial facilities.

The experiments must cover one of the three main scenarios: Smart Factory or Smart Product or Smart Supply chain.

  • CPS: Modelling & Simulation of CPS-enabled production systems (Digital Twin); Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance of CPS in production; Production, Waste and Energy Optimisation in CPS-enabled factories; Smart Workplaces and Augmented Reality in Human-CPS interaction.
  • IoT: Multi-protocol IoT stream data capture and acquisition; Industrial IoT data cleaning and quality assessment; Semantic interoperability of multi-domain IoT data sources; Industrial Analytics methods and tools; Security solutions in Industrial IoT applications; IoT Data Visualisation & Presentation.

Two waves of application experiments are planned during the duration of the project: one in 2018 and one in 2019.