The EU Network of DIHs in the Manufacturing domain


The objective of the MIDIH, is to create an extensive and connected network of Digital Innovation Hubs that interact through a platform, sharing solutions and services that respond to local needs for industrial digitalization. The mission is to facilitate the exchange of skills, assets, knowledge, technologies and data between the MIDIH partners to provide an effective and efficient response to the technological and digital needs of SME in their digital transformation.

To enlarge the outreach of MIDIH and to create a broader network of industrial Digital Innovation Hubs, DIH4Industry was created, a digital European Marketplace platform of knowledge, components and services provided by MIDIH for active and upcoming Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in the Digital Industry area. DIH4Industry aims to be a matchmaking platform for European DIHs that allows solutions and services, supplied by different projects/initiatives, to be shared in the context of manufacturing to support European SMEs in their digital transformation.


DIH4Industry Ecosystem


A central hub for all DIHs network focused on Industry 4.0.

Join a rich community of companies and research organizations working towards a common goal!

DIH4Industry Marketplace


A marketplace of tools and services where the DIH may show to the SMEs the catalogues available for their digitalization support.

Access a broad range of market-ready solutions and assets, and a rich set of Ecosystem, Business, Skills, Technology and Data services!

DIH4Industry Community


A collaborative environment (powered by DIHIWARE) which DIHs may use for fostering the creation of new innovations by forming new projects and supporting the networking among the DIH members.