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Automatic Vibration Diagnostics and Prescriptive Maintenance service for Industrial Equipment in Industry 4.0

Sitel LLC

Experiment description

Sitel’s goal was to make an integration of VibroBox Service and its improvement with MIDIH that will help companies (mostly European Industrial Companies and manufacturing SMEs) to become more competitive, become more eco-friendly and save maintenance and operation costs by improving the processes of technical management of industrial machinery. As a result, all these effects will positively influence manufacturing process planning, supply chain planning, and equipment life cycle management (incl. maintenance & operation) by means of the MIDIH platform.

During the experiment, parts of the Smart Factory scenario have been executed. For the Smart Factory scenario the aim is the creation of innovative industrial processes, where data are acquired and analyzed to allow reach the goals.

Technical impact

The project allowed to expand the knowledge of VibroBox developers of open infrastructures like FIWARE and MIDIH reference architecture.

The integration with FIWARE has created opportunities for the future: expanded and simplified access to the VibroBox service, spinal processing results, and data from third sources.

During the MIDIH project VibroBox team have made only a demonstration of the possibility of the VibroBox Vibration Diagnostics and Prescriptive Maintenance service working with the FIWARE components.

FIGURE. Vibrobox  trend display


Economical / Business impact

Integration with FIWARE has created opportunities for the future. The final solution needs to be modified for an individual customer. The potential expansion of the client base is huge, for everyone who wants to work automatically, and not through a VibroBox website.

Integration with FIWARE gave VibroBox customers a separate interface (API) for sending us processing tasks and requesting / receiving results / updates on equipment status. To use it, customers will have to add their software and, as in other cases, enter their equipment into our database and configure processing (this is done jointly with VibroBox engineers). The Sitel team will promote the idea of integration among its partners as an option for the most optimal solution from the perspective of universality, scaling and future support.




Yaraslava Herasimuk

Business Analyst

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