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Data Space platform for the management and maintenance of Polyurethane Foam plants

IPF – Ingeniería del Poliuretano Flexible, S.L.

Experiment description

Thanks to SmartPoly IPF has improved the functionalities of MyFoamPlant, by designing and developing a SmartData space to collect and exploit, maintaining the proper data sovereignty, all the data related to the manufacturing process of the polyurethane plant.

The SmartData platform will allow to correlate the process data with the characteristics and performances of the final product. With the integration of all the data derived by the manufacturing process and their correlation to the final product, MyFoamPlant, bases on MIDIH reference architecture, will be a platform able to manage the manufacturing process in all phases and will provide useful information to perform predictive maintenance on the process plant.

Technical impact

Through SmartPoly users could access data or reports from anywhere and from any device in real time, raw and aggregated data is sent securely to the cloud, for more demanding processing and to enable its visualization through Internet. Three improvements have been implemented inside SmartPoly:


  • Exploitation of external information to integrate analytics algorithms for the management of the production process.

  • Visualization and control of external and internal data to have a deeper knowledge of the process.

  • Exploitation of external information to integrate analytics algorithms for the predictive maintenance of the machines.

Economical / Business impact

The flexible polyurethane foam is a material used for a number of sectors and industries, because of its versatility and possibility of varying the properties according to their functionality is why large sectors such as construction (insulation), automotive systems rest are users of this type of material, the application range of the varied and diverse foam.

Depending on the type of industry which is directed polyurethane foam, they will have to be manufactured with very specific characteristics, as each sector requires the foam possesses specific properties that meet their needs. The essence of SmartPoly is the design and development of an improved management platform that will make possible the optimisation of the polyurethane foam manufacturing process and also will improve the knowledge, expertise and control over the most important parameters of the manufacturing process.

Thanks to SmartPoly results, IPF will reinforce this new line of business, expand its product portfolio for its customers, and target new customers who want to improve the operations and maintenance of the equipment in their plants through a profitable investment.




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